Cruise of Corsica

The periple of the corsa island, in the sign of relaxation, having uncontaminated nature, art and history and pleasant navigation.

Circumnavigation of Corsica

A ten-day cruise of this land defined as the Island of Beauty for its towering landscapes of red cliffs and turquoise waters, enchanted landscapes clinging to the mountains and enchanting expanses of chestnut groves. Once united with Sardinia and then torn by the immense force of nature, scattering islands a short distance from the coasts, it has now become the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean. With about five hundred miles of coastline, you will alternate in nature between sky and sea, as in the iconic Scandola Nature Reserve and in the imposing hills adjacent to the coasts, where you can carry out a multitude of outdoor activities or choose to live a unique experience in contact with a rich and abundant nature away from mass tourism. But Corsica, home country of the famous Napoleon Bonaparte, is also a land of history and tradition that you will discover in this magnificent cruise, visiting its cities and identifying yourself with the historical reality of ancient times.